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Amogh Ashmari RFT Syrup

An Ayurvedic approach for the systematic and Comprehensive management of Poor Kidney Functions.  Amogh Ashmari RFT , Rejuvenates the whole body, Corrects the digestive system, alleviates fluid, an excellent anti-inflammatory and diuretic, Kidney Tonic, Significant nephroprotective activity anti-oxidant.

Cause of Kidney Diseases

Kidney disease can affect your body’s ability to clean your blood, filter extra water out of your blood, and help control your blood pressure. It can also affect red blood cell production and vitamin D metabolism needed for bone health.

When your kidneys are damaged, waste products and fluid can build up in your body. That can cause swelling in your ankles, nausea, weakness, poor sleep, and shortness of breath. Without treatment, the damage can get worse and your kidneys may eventually stop working. That’s serious, and it can be life-threatening.


Healthy kidneys:

  • Keep a balance of water and minerals (such as sodium, potassium, and phosphorus) in your blood
  • Remove waste from your blood after digestion, muscle activity, and exposure to chemicals or medications
  • Make renin, which your body uses to help manage your blood pressure
  • Make a chemical called erythropoietin, which prompts your body to make red blood cells
  • Make an active form of vitamin D, needed for bone health and other things.
  • Drugs and toxins, such as lead poisoning, long-term use of some medications including NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibuprofen and naproxen, and IV street drugs can permanently damage your kidneys. So can being around some types of chemicals over time.



  • Excellent Nephroprotective & Nephro-Corrective
  • Help to restore the Renal  Function Test (acute or chronic ) & Improve overall Health
  • Immune- modulator & Antiinflammatory – repairs & improves the regenerative and reparative capacity of kidneys –Giloy & Haridra
  • Help to reduce elevated Blood Urea and Serum Creatinine significantly – Punarnava, Varun & Gokhru.
  • Excellent Diuretic   & Help to maintain the urine pH range - Mooli, Ikshumool &VijayKshar
  • Provides Protection from various nephrotoxins ( Nephrotoxic drug like :- NSAID, Antibiotic ( gentamicin, etc), Anti cancer and anti rheumatic drugs) – Raved Chini, Haridra
  • Reduces renal hypertension  by restoring enzymatic activity  and maintain the sodium, potassium balance  - Kasni, Papaya and Dhaniya ( Coriander)
  • Helps protect against nephron damage caused by diabetes.- Makoi, Punarnava, Shilajeet
  • Protect from Kidney damage & Nephropathy
  • Improves the functional capacity of Kidney.


  • Nephritis
  • Impaired GFR
  • Nephropathy
  • Poor Renal functions & Other Kidney Disorders
  • Anasarca
  • Nephrotonic
  • Immunomodulator
  • Anti- Oxidant
  • Protects Kidney Naturally with scientifically Proven Herbs
  • As an adjuvant to Nephrotoxic drug molecules 

Key Ingredient:-

  • Punarnava
  • Makoy
  • Varuna
  • Gokhru
  • Sheetal Chini
  • Corriandrum Sativum
  • Annant Mool
  • Guduchi
  • Kasni
  • Kulth
  • Revand Chini
  • Kulth
  • Plash Pushp
  • Haridra,Pashan Bhed,
  • Apamarg,
  • Ikshu mool,
  • Daruhaldi,
  • Shudh Shilajeet, and many other herbs

Available Pack :-    :-  300 ml Syrup Pack



1-2 teaspoonful 2-3 times a day or as directed by physician


Note: The information on this page is not a replacement for a thorough consultation and examination from a licensed health professional. This product is sold to you on the presumption that you have taken a thorough advice from your licensed medical practitioner and are not self medicating

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