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  • Amogh Giloy Ras

Amogh Giloy Ras

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 Amogh Giloy Ras

Giloy is animportant immunomodulator herbs from ancient times. Giloy is useful in fever,infections, weak immunity, gout, common cough and cold, work as antacid.


  • Giloy is an important immunomodulator herbs from ancient times.
  • Giloy is useful in fever, infections, weak immunity, gout, common cough and cold, work as antacid.
  • Giloy works as anti inflammatory and it has the ability to boost immunity and also rejuvenating agent.
  • Giloy is useful in Jaundice. It is also used as an immune-modulator of certain diseases like, hepatic fibrosis and peritonitis.
  • Giloy is useful to TREATS URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS. Its magical action fights against the infection causing bacteria and gets you rid of urinary tract infections and liver diseases successfully.
  • Giloy supports Anti-Ageing Effects. It has remarkable anti-ageing properties like reduce dark spots, fine lines,blemishes, wrinkles and sagging skin and also brings glow to your face.
  • Giloy is helpful in the treatment of various Health complications such as fever,rheumatism, gout and jaundice. 
  • Giloy helps to boost the blood platelet count in many types of fever.
  • This herb can also be given to children for their general weakness, loss of appetite,digestive disturbances and fever.
  • GIloy  is useful in treating skin related problems. Both external application and internal consumption is done for treating skin related diseases. 
  • Giloy capsules are capable to fight against many type of infection of the body, which occur due to weak or low immunity.
  • The juice of the roots of this herb is very effective in Urinary problems.
  • Helps increase the effectiveness of protective white blood cells that fight infection.


    Each 10 ml contains aqueous extract of
  • TinosporaCordifolia      -   5 gm
  • Excipients                     -   qs

Available Pack: 1 x 500 ml Syrup

Dosage: 30 ml 2-3 times a day or as directed by the physician

Note: The information on this page is not a replacement for a thorough consultation and examination from a licensed health professional. This product is sold to you on the presumption that you have taken a thorough advice from your licensed medical practitioner and are not self medicating.

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