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  • Amogh Fagotex SF Syrup

Amogh Fagotex SF Syrup

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                                                      Amogh Fagotex SF Syrup

The scientific validated & trusted formula to manage skin allergies and infections.  Amogh Fagotex SF syrup is one of the best medicine for Skin Allergy, blood Purifier, acne and Pimple.



  • Acts as anti-fungal because of neem & manjith for common skin pathogens like trichophyton, A.flavus & other fungi.
  • As anti-viral, Because of Nimbidin and Azadirachtin the active principles from Neem, on different virus especially on Variole pox virus.
  • Neem and Manjith showed marked improvement and cure in common skin conditions like Eczema, ring Worm inf. And Scabies.
  • Zinc with other anti-infective herbs helps fighting acne & pimples.

Allergy :-

  • Giloy and Neem , antagonises the effect of agonists such as 5-hydroxy tryptamine, histamine, bradykinin and prostaglandins E1 & E2 on the experimental subjects.

Immuno Modulator:-

  • Giloy, act as an immuno-modulator, thereby improves te cellular immune functions and promotes host cell defence mechanism against several microbes and parasites.
  • Fights against all types of skin infections
  • Eliminates skin infection induced by acne causing bacteria
  • Perfect medicine for bacterial, virul & fungal infections


  • ACNE

Key Herbs:-

  • Nimchhal
  • Manjith
  • Triphala
  • Devdaru
  • Chiraita
  • Ushava
  • Rashandhi


Available Pack :-   1x200 ml Pet Bottle


Syrup:-   Children 1-2 Tsf Twice A Day

                                           Adults 2-3 tsf twice a day

Capsules : - Adults 1-2 Capsules twice a day



A Physician Should Be Consulted Before Taking The Medicine to Prescribe The Best Dosage As Per The Requirement Of Condition.

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